Visions of Albion Event


Visions of Albion: Poly-Olbion and the ‘Faerieland’ Exhibition

Friday 6 November, 1.30-3.00

Forum Exploration Lab 2

The ‘Faerieland’ exhibition, on display in The Forum, repositions Michael Drayton’s Poly-Olbion, an extraordinary seventeenth-century description of England and Wales in poetry and maps, in the present day. ‘The Children’s Poly-Olbion’ has involved students and professional artists, working in media including art, drama and verse. It has been produced by Flash of Splendour, an educational organisation that empowers disabled, marginalised and disadvantaged children and young people through the creative arts. ‘Visions of Albion’ brings together speakers involved in the project, alongside University of Exeter researchers working on a new edition of Poly-Olbion. They will discuss the project’s innovative methods, show a short film produced in the course of the project, and reflect on the different visions of place and nationhood produced through the work.

Panellists include:

  • Anne Louise Avery & Steve Pratley (Flash of Splendour)
  • Miles Richards (SENSS Ormerod Base, Marlborough Church of England School, Woodstock)
  • Julian Davey (WESC Academy)
  • Philip Schwyzer (University of Exeter)